Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments have come a long way over the years, from over-the-counter liquids to natural remedies that have mixed result. We hope to help the average man or women find results and reverse the issue of hair loss for good.

Latest Articles

Emerging Treatments for Female Androgenic Alopecia

Female pattern hair loss (FPHL), medically known as androgenic alopecia (AGA), is one of the most common causes of hair loss in males and females. Research about the condition thus far has concluded that it is caused by genetic factors linked to the

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Hair loss in Children due to Stress

The first few months of a newborn’s life are full of intensive learning experiences for parents. They involve hours of tending to the newborn, creating a bond, learning about their needs, and being on constant surveillance for anything that may not b

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Male Pattern Baldness Stages

Most men value their hair for two main reasons: It makes them younger and it accentuates the face. But as valuable as your hair is the chances are good you will start losing it around middle age. Statistics show that about 67 percent of men will expe

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Is a Trichologist a Doctor?

So, Is a Trichologist a Doctor? The answer is No, they are trained in the scientific study of the hair. Remember, Hair loss is a huge issue today. With the emphasis being placed on everyone looking their best, and the internet being quick to point ou

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All about Postpartum Hair loss (And will it Last)

Postpartum hair loss generally starts around 8 weeks after delivery, usually at the anterior scalp (frontal regions). A small percentage of woman will experience hair loss across the entire scalp. Around 66 percent of woman see improvements after abo

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Sudden Hair Loss in Women: Causes and Stories

Sudden Hair Loss in Women Patients is a growing problem, we often associate hair loss with men, but it can be equally prominent in many females, and lead to severe anxiety and stress. You may notice patchy hair loss, or patterned type of shedding sim

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What this website hopes to address

  • Male pattern Baldness: Affects Men and Women, often related to genetics.
  • Alopecia: This is the medical term but simply means, "Hair Loss from anywhere on the body"
  • Hair Loss causes: There are many causes of Hair Loss, from Thyroid disease to different Vitamin Levels in the body
  • Hair Loss Products: We hope to hightlight some hair loss products that may help you to regrow your hair.
  • Helping hair grow faster: We discuss various methods that speed up the hair growth cycle.
  • Hair Growth Research: We cover new research that aims to end hair loss in the next few years.