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Sudden Hair Loss in Women Patients is a growing problem, we often associate hair loss with men, but it can be equally prominent in many females, and lead to severe anxiety and stress. You may notice patchy hair loss, or patterned type of shedding sim
Male pattern baldness is a common complaint for many men, medically speaking it is known as androgenetic alopecia and affects half of all males by the age of 50. Losing your hair is such a nuisance, a cruel trick used by nature to destroy your confid
Hair loss after pregnancy is a rather common complaint, so many mothers experience postpartum hair loss - in fact, it affects nearly 50 percent of women. The idea of losing one's hair can be somewhat scary, and when you combine that with having a new
Stress would not be the first thing that comes to mind when I think about hair loss, but is it fairly common. While growing up I always associated hair loss with old balding men, not a guy in his 30s. It's rather more common than you think, first of
So here we are, I want to provide you with 10 Reasons for Sudden hair loss in men and women. Most reasons for hair loss are benign and should not alarm you but others require further investigation, male pattern balding is a common reason for hair los
Being an older man with a humble hairline, Iv often wondered: What causes baldness? Is it just genetics, or was there some scientific reason for this? Well, scientists in Korea have been testing mice again; and they believe they have discovered a che
Having dealt with my own child losing hair for a period, I wanted to dissect in detail the reasons for <strong>hair loss in children</strong>. It is important to realize that most people lose around <strong>150 hairs</strong> per day as part of the n
Hair loss on Legs Causes and Studies, this article is a collection of facts based on recent scientific data relating to hair loss on the legs. This condition affects mostly <strong>middle - older aged men</strong>, but can also be seen in women. Some